Chemical Gas Filtration

Filtros de gases

Inorganic gases are usually not controlled because, until very recently, there were no tools to calculate the concentrations of each of the gases, as it did not manufacture filters capable of retaining all these gases have on the environment and they are very corrosive.

Already exists in Europe, the standard to catalog and define the aggressiveness of the gas, the ISA-S71.04.1985, and thus know the type and the number of filters to be installed.

FREUDENBERG-VILEDON has developed these products, and is positioned as a global leader in filtration of gases offering a comprehensive technical and commercial support, engineers, users and installers.

These filters are already being implemented and used in the following types of industries:

 Paper factory
 Rooms or data centers.
 Rooms cellular towers (Movistar, Vodafone, etc.)
 Plants producing electricity with fuel/diesel engines.

In these industries, are being used in offices, control rooms, production rooms, etc., where there are ventilation or mechanical forced air conditioning because outside air is taken and inserted inside these rooms, increasing the concentration of gases at levels that may become hazardous to the health of the people working within them, because while they are exposed to. In machines and control systems produce different types of corrosion that can occur from a printed circuit to electrical connections, etc., usually causing failure.

 Food industry
 Pharmaceutical industry.
 Cleanroom process

For some time, it is being proposed and / or recommending recirculate more clean air in hospitals, food and pharmaceutical industry, etc. on the issue of energy efficiency for power consumption savings in the ventilation or air conditioning units, and this causes air recirculation and we take outside, shall be filtered with these types of filters to prevent entry gas in the rooms and create harmful environments for people, products and / or machines.

Before any project should be analyzed the composition of outside air and / or recirculated and the concentrations of the gases in the air, to propose the system and the appropriate filters.

Chemical Gas Filtration

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