M6 to E11 - Cassette Filters

Filtros compactos


from M5-F5 (ISO ePM10 85%) to E11-H11 (ISO ePM1 > 95%)


In the category of cassette filters, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies offers a broad choice of products. All models are characterized by high performance capabilities: Viledon cassette filters excel in terms of optimum media velocity with low pressure drop even at high volume flows. Plus a large dust holding capacity and exceptionally high stability of the entire filter construction for operational dependability in actual use.

The new filter cartridge of Viledon NanoPleat HSN with innovative technology are exceptionally resistant and water repellent effect, with extraordinary health characteristics.

Thanks to its innovative hybrid nonwoven media-Synthetic-nanofibers (HSN), manufactured internally, the NanoPleat cartridge filters offer excellent performance profile.

Exceptional strength, the filter elements and the filter media used HSN are easier to handle during installation. If you are touched with light pressure, the filter media will not be irreversibly damaged.

NanoPleat of Viledon Filters are anti corrosion, highly resistant to chemicals, 100% resistant to moisture, microbiologically inactive and meet all the criteria set out in direction VDI 6022 "Hygiene requirements for use in ventilation systems."


M6 to E11 - Cassette Filters

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