G3 to F9 - Pocket filters

Filtros de bolsas



Viledon pocket filters have been developed specifically for the control of air conditioning and meet all hygiene requirements for HVAC installations according to EN 13779 and the German guideline VDI 6022.

These offer high operational reliability reaching a lifetime of at least one year as a prefilter and not less than two years as second filtration stage, for a flow of 3400 / h (for a filter 1/1) common in HVAC applications and environmental conditions within the average.


The main design features:

► No risk of breakage or detachment, as they contain fiberglass.

High operational reliability due to the filter bags heat sealed leak proof integrated polyurethane front frame.

Microbiologically inactive filters offer no nutrient medium for the growth of micro-organisms.

Very good filtration characteristics, thanks to the non-woven filter media in progressive and progressive trilayer structure, made of fibers and microfibers organicosintéticas.

Non-corrosive, resistant to 100% RH, self-extinguishing according to DIN 53438 (Class F1) and incinerated.

Ecological does not contain PVC or halogens.

Easy and safe to install, suitable for all frames commonly-support.


G3 to F9 - Pocket filters

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