Desiccants - Absorbents


For moisture absorption. Protect packaged products against damage caused by moisture in the air and are the perfect solution to protect the goods during transport, standing inside the package or container.

The humidity can deteriorate easily the products while shipping them in long distances.

Protect your product quality by placing desiccant bags.


AbsorbentsAbsorbent products to solve incidents, spills, etc.. As Sepiolite, Grainy, Vegetable absorbent, Foils Absorbers, Barriers, etc..

Are used for absorbing and retaining waste.

Absorbs oils, chemicals and all kinds of spills instantly and clean. Inert, not imflamables.

It is advisable to always have a container with some material near storage areas pollutants, loading areas, parking lots, shops, etc


Desiccants - Absorbents

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