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Habasit offers the broadest range of plastic modular belts and chains in the world, and the best solutions for your applications.

Innovation is a key word for Habasit. Based on the extensive experience and leadership position with conventional conveyor belts, modular belts Habasit HabasitLINK developed. This line of advanced technology products complete our offer as sole supplier and partner for your success.

More than 50 types of modular belts provide solutions for different industries. Since innovation understood as a dynamic process, are continually developing new types of bands that offer new solutions to our industrial partners.

Modular belts easier cleaning. Innovative technology provides modular belts HabasitLINK construction is particularly suitable for the food industry.

Hygiene: oval hole open hinge patented Habasit dynamic streamline access to the rod articulated on the entire width of the band. Joint construction redirects the water flow to

further reduce hygienic cleaning time.

In combination with HabaGUARD *, which contains an antimicrobial additive effective Habasit belts provide maximum industry-wide standard of food safety and cleanability.

Bands stronger to prevent breakage: Suitable materials for metal detectors (detectable very small).

Bandas modulares para curvas M2544


* Easy to prove with metal detectors. According to type and adjust the apparatus can be easily detect particles with a minimum size of up to 3 × 3x3 mm.

* Very easy to search devices demonstrate X-ray

* ROA electrical surface resistance

* Electrical surface resistance specific sigma rho <50'000 Ohm (DIN EN 1637)

* Food grade material

* Coefficient of friction somewhat less than in case of conventional material


Bands antimicrobial HabaGUARD / EPA-approved HyGUARD / FDA / USDA.

Flame retardant materials according to ISO 340.

Applications: Areas with high security requirements such as:

* Airports

* Transportation of people (automotive)

* Automatic Parking

* Public Buildings

* Filling of canned modular belts Habasit offers flame retardant materials such as polypropylene (PP), polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), can also combined with TPU and TPE thermoplastic GripTop modules.


Banda modular cerrada Habasit M0870


* Transport of food and internal transport at very high temperatures to which conventional materials do not show sufficient performance.

* Handling jars / contraction ovens / microwave applications

* Fields, which require the resistance to hydrolysis and chemical attack at elevated temperatures (ST materials).

* Applications dryly heavy loads or high temperatures required for good features against shock and fatigue (item PA and HT)

Sprockets for reverse operation only with excellent gear for many different types of bands (eg, the same gear for marching bands M2500 straight or curved bands) to make maintenance and storage easier and economical.


Modular Belts

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