Glide guides

Guias de deslizamiento

HabiPLAST, the Habasit range of slides and strips

Guias para deslizamiento de productos en cintas transportadoras

It is the ideal complement to modular belts HabasitLINK, HabaCHAIN chains, timing belts and polyurethane belts HabaSYNC Habicord or Habipur.


HabiPLAST products are used in a wide range of industries, such as bottling, packaging, handling and processing of food products. Apply as guides and supports for linear sliding and for transportation applications.


Where required a low coefficient of friction, high resistance to chemicals, wear resistance and low noise, HabiPLAST products are the right choice for any type of machinery.




HabiPLAST range includes:

Profiles extruded and machined in multiple shapes and designs.

Guidelines for roller chain, timing belts, flat belts, round belts.

Guidelines for plastic chain (straight or curved).

Guidelines for transporting products, which are handled gently and without losses.

Accessories: support for the installation and assembly of many of our products.


Glide guides

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