Security seals and tapes

Theft protection - Security against tampering.

Security seals: With tape tesa ® 64007 (64006 if personalized) security, the security label tesa ® 64010, the security seal tesa ® 64012, and the security tape tesa ® 64008 pallet, theft of goods in the supply chain are now a the past.

These four products deter against any tampering with what shippers, carriers and consignees receiving high value goods can have the security of knowing that your goods will arrive at their destination with the original tags intact.

Security label 150x126 improper opening TesaPrecinto alert: The tesa ® safety concept also offers custom security added. The label, seal and safety tape can be printed with company logo itself, bar codes or other customer-specific data.

Thus, not only protect against misuse cases, it also is evidence that the product is kept in its packaging and original seal. To ensure optimal use wide and logistics chain, tesa ® strengthens its security concept offering flexible training courses for companies.

Many industries that use and, with success, security solutions tesa ®.

Etiquetas antirrobo

Precinto de seguridad

Ejemplo de cinta inviolable impresa con texto "Tesa Security Seal" personalizable.

64007 cinta de precinto inviolable antirrobo

Security seals and tapes

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