Bolting solutions

Soluciones de apriete

A complete range of industrial and intelligent bolting tools including hydraulic torque wrenches, bolt tensioners, and continuous rotation tools for all your controlled bolting needs.

Pneumatic nutrunnersAprietatuercas neumáticosAprietatuercas


Impact wrenchesLLave de impactoLlave de impacto

Impact wrenches LMS, Impact wrenches W2415/W2420 PRO, Impact wrenches W29 PRO, Impact wrenches W2425 PRO,Impact wrenches W2427/W2428 PRO.

Bolt tensioningTensionadores de pernos

Tensionadores autorretráctiles

Tensioners Airbac, Auto retract tensioners Airbac.

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Bolting solutions

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