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Clamps Abrasives Oil Absorbents Adhesives Anchors Conveyor Water Pumps Vacuum Pumps Bronze  Bits Steel Cables Carton for joint Forklift Tapes Compressors Belts Knives Discs Degreasers Elevation Electrodes  Packaging: Tape / Corners / bubble / paper / strips / plastic pipe Slings Packing Extractors felts Industrial air Filtration Strapping Tools manual / electric / pneumatic Cleaning Cotón / Rags / Paper / Soaps Lubricants Hoses Filter bags  Measurement Gauges Wheels Motors Metal furniture Pneumatic Rubber Nylon Sheets Personal Protection Fittings Rivets Wheel Bearings Seals Signs Saws Welding Securing Transmission Hoses Valves Vinyl materials and much more...

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