Until 2023, there were two types of rotary screw compressors: fixed speed compressors and models equipped with variable speed drive (VSD) technology. This year Atlas Copco has introduced the dual speed compressor.

Fixed speed compressors are fairly basic machines that only run at full speed once they are turned on. The advantage for companies that do not want or cannot invest in a VSD compressor is that its purchase price is relatively low. However, unless you need maximum air power all the time (which is almost never the case), a lot of energy is wasted. As a result, your operating costs will be higher.

VSD compressors are the opposite. Their initial investment cost is higher, but they are much more efficient because the motor speed adapts to the demand for compressed air. And, since energy costs make up the majority of a compressor's total cost of ownership, they are more economical to run. From the beginning they can save their users a lot of money.

However, there is now a third type: the dual-speed compressor. This is an ideal solution for those who want more than a fixed speed model can offer, but are not yet ready to purchase a VSD compressor. This new category of compressors is superior to fixed speed models and offers some of the advantages of a VSD compressor.

What is a dual speed compressor?

As the name suggests, dual compressors have two speeds. Like fixed speed models, one of those speeds is the "maximum speed" when users need maximum compressed air power. But it also has a minimum speed for when the compressor goes into unloading mode when the air demand is lower.

It is the second speed that makes the difference, as it generates energy savings in different ways.

Transient losses and discharge losses:

One of the disadvantages of fixed speed compressors is that they experience significant transient losses. This is the loss of energy that occurs as the compressor transitions from one operating phase to another.

These transient losses are a problem from the moment the compressor starts up. The reason is that the fixed speed drive cannot start with a pressurized system. This means that when the compressor starts, it takes some time to build up the necessary pressure. During that time, it consumes energy without yet producing usable air.

When air demand decreases, a fixed speed compressor goes into unloading mode. In this case, the engine runs at maximum speed without producing air. The energy losses that occur at this point are called discharge losses.

When switching to unloading mode, the compressor must also bleed air from the air/oil separator. Otherwise, the fixed speed compressor would not be able to start again later. You may know these types of transient losses as purge losses.

These transient and discharge losses accumulate quickly. Together, they can represent 40% of the energy consumption of a fixed speed compressor. This is the case even with the most efficient fixed speed models. This is because significant transient losses are inherent to fixed speed technology. These compressors simply cannot start with a system under pressure and can only operate at 100% engine speed.

A dual speed compressor reduces transient losses:

A dual speed compressor solves these problems for the most part. It can start under pressure, which means it needs less energy to start producing air. Additionally, you experience much lower venting losses because you do not need to bleed air as drastically as a fixed speed compressor. Finally, the dual compressor's lower unloading motor speed reduces energy consumption.

Adding all of this together, a dual-speed compressor can offer up to 20% energy savings compared to a fixed-speed compressor.

Flexible pressure adjustment:

Another key advantage of a dual speed compressor is that you can select any pressure without affecting the air flow rate or free air delivered. In other words, it works optimally at any pressure setting. Additionally, this allows users to get a smaller dual compressor compared to the fixed speed alternative. In this way, operating and investment costs can also be reduced.

All of these advantages make a dual speed compressor.


2024-02: TORCFLEX Keys Launch

Atlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems, through its high torque tightening solutions division, launches the new range of TORCFLEX hydraulic wrenches. Innovation has been one of the hallmarks of Atlas Copco for 150 years and, once again, it has new improvements that make it a new vision of hydraulic tightening looking towards improving productivity, improving ergonomics and improving durability.



2023-02: Pop and Nut Riveters - Atlas Copco PRO


AWe add another assembly technology to the Atlas Copco portfolio by expanding our PRO range offering with two tools, a Pop Riveter and a Nut Riveter, along with 18 high-performance rivets covering most applications. The range consists of the R2012 nut riveter, R1006 and R1005 pop riveter.

What values do these tools provide?:

They are well-designed tools that provide our clients with values of high productivity, reliability, security, ergonomics, ease of use and configuration.

The long LR and LN rivets offer great flexibility, one rivet can cover various thicknesses as it has a wide grip range.

Rivets may be the best solution in some industries because:

-Low financial and technical risk

-Single fixing component

-Fixation with unilateral access

-Semi-permanent fixation

- Vibration resistant fixing

-Unite different materials

Examples of applications:

-Home appliances

-Automotive, trailers, trucks

-Lighting, panels -Elevators, escalators

-Heating pumps, cooling system

-Ventilation ducts

-Stairs and scaffolding

-Public rail transport

-Industrial furniture

- Solar panel installations

These new riveting tools and consumables represent a great opportunity for the user, more solutions, completing the portfolio in the PRO range reaching more applications.

You can see how the tool works in the following videos on YouTube

POP Riveter PRO range, how to use it: https://youtu.be/LPGXfRvNu38

PRO range Nut Riveter, how to use it: https://youtu.be/SdsIBLlyT3g

POP Riveter PRO range, how to maintain it: https://youtu.be/Qbf5Mk7CIzs

PRO range Nut Riveter, how to adjust it: https://youtu.be/sumiJzQiMHo


2023-02: NEW PREMIUM NGP⁺ N₂ GENERATORS with PSAs technology

The complete, fully automated on-site generator delivers 95% to 99.999% nitrogen purity with best-in-class cost of ownership.




New compressors with a unique intelligent temperature control system, the GA VSDs is the first compressor to offer full control of oil injection, eliminating the risk of condensation and maximizing compression efficiency. An advanced algorithm in the Elektronikon controller combines multiple operating parameters to calculate the optimum oil temperature, which Neos Next implements by regulating the VSD fan and STC valve.

With other compressors, exceeding the maximum flow capacity means a loss of pressure and operation of the equipment, as well as a possible stoppage of production. The GA VSDs features BoostFlow mode, which allows you to temporarily exceed the compressor limit without negative consequences for operation or reliability. The additional boost provides 5% more flow for a total period of 100 hours.



2021-02: AIRCUBE

Complete solution and tailored to your compressed air requirements within a container.




2019-06: The motors of the VSD + compressors are IE5

The full range of VSD+ engines, oil-cooled, equals the IE5 efficiency standard.

The IE5 or ultra-premium efficiency is the maximum class established in the efficiency standard for variable speed motors (IEC 60034-30-2).

GA VSD+ is synonymous with energy savings..




2019-05: Smart Factory (Industria 4.0 Smart Connected Assembly)

On June 5th and 6th we will be in the Office of Digital Transformation of Industrial Engineers of Asturias to share our vision of Industry 4.0 through Atlas Copco products and solutions.

With this workshop you can see first hand what an Intelligent Factory is like and test in situ products and solutions for Industry 4.0.

Fabrica Inteligente 4.0

Follow this LINK to join:




2018-10: tesa® launches a new range of aluminum tapes on the market

The advantages of using the new tesa® 606xx assortment

• Supports with 3 thicknesses, 30, 50 and 75 microns.

• Acrylic adhesive, base solvent.

• Release of silicone or models with 85 micron paper coating.

• The whole range has certification of Flame Retardant DIN4102 / b



2017-09: Parker Legris is launching its new CleanFit program

The CleanFit range, composed of bio-polymer fittings, PU and PFA tubing, drives high-tech equipment beyond current connection limits in terms of cleanliness, reliability and safety.

This ultra-clean sterilisable range ensures perfect compatibility with most gases, including pure and medical fluids, thereby complying with most demanding applications and standards in life science and industrial clean process applications.

The new range can be customized and adapted to non-standard products to provide a global solution for fluid conveyance. CleanFit products help ensure that there is zero risk of contamination, damaged or unsafe products, or losses due to production stoppages.

CleanFit products cover a broad range of working temperatures and combine unsurpassed cleanliness with superior mechanical performance for longevity and safety.

FDA-approved, classified ASTM B93-03 B level 300, certified ISO 15001, and tested for clean rooms according to VDI 2083-8 and ISO 14644, the CleanFit range is available in a metric version from 4 mm to 12 mm, with specific packaging to ensure product integrity until the first use.

CleanFit de Legris



2017-01: Atlas Copco Group divides itself

Atlas Copco AB Board has proposed dividing the Atlas Copco group by transforming the Mining and Rock Excavation business area and the Construction Tools division into an independent entity. This new company will focus on mining and civil engineering clients.

This company dedicated to the mining and civil engineering will have 12,000 employees incorporating all the divisions of the area of Mining and Excavation of Rocks as well as the division of Construction Tools and its after-sales services.
The aim is to ensure that both Atlas Copco and the new company have the best growth opportunities in their respective market segments.
The new entity will have its own Board and a CEO. This will allow to have a more agile company and respond faster to the needs of the market. There will be no changes in the already consolidated operating structure that currently exists and what will allow this reorganization is to invest in areas of growth such as automation, digitization and quality in service.
The new company will trade on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange in Stockholm from mid-2018 following approval at the Annual General Meeting of Atlas Copco in April 2018.



2016-12: Time table change

In the search for welfare of all those who are part of Suministros Römer, we have agreed to modify the schedule to better family reconcile and work life. In this way the workers enjoy more free time to be with their families leaving at 6 pm in the place of 7.

Our new schedule from January 2017 is from 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 3:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. The whole year


2016-01: ATLAS Innovation is part of their DNA

Atlas Copco bases its success on several pillars: the best organization, the best distribution network ...

And without doubt, innovation is part of their DNA, and it owes Atlas Copco largely, which is today.

Proof of this is his time was developing the first variable speed compressor, the new concept evolution VSD+.... And a lot of updates that will be launching in the coming months.

Next page shows, many of the innovations developed throughout history.


Enjoy it !!!!




We can check the whole compressed air, gas, steam and vacuum system, at the overall network and equipment level.

Our technology detection equipment
allows to classify leaks detected based on their size and importance and save the images with the exact location, the dynamic target on the screen, resizes and colored according to the level of intensity and RMS and MAX values
in dB is displayed on a digital bar graph.

Instantly we will reduce the costs of producing compressed air, gases, steam or vacuum and equipment will work less, better and consequently will reduce maintenance costs by lengthening the need for interventions in them.

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2015-09: BAHCO Fit   is the SNA's new series of screwdrivers, manufactured in Spain


The new BahcoFit, has an innovative design and marked on the handle, both patented, with 75% elastomer that guarantees optimum grip and provides the most accurate work. BahcoFit offers the highest quality screwdrivers factory has proven over many years. "100% Made in Spain".



2015-09: ATLAS COPCO opens vacuum solutions plant


Edwards, the vacuum solutions business that became part of the Atlas Copco Group in 2014, uses the Qingdao facility as its global base for the manufacture of rotary-vane and liquid-ring vacuum pumps. Vacuum is used in a wide variety of industrial applications and manufacturing processes to create clean, particle-free environments.



2015-07: 3M new catalog


Visit DOWNLOADS zone to see the catalog.



2015-02: Atlas Copco wide vacuum solutions


The company introduced a wide range of vacuum solutions for low and medium vacuum in the second quarter of 2014 and announces he will file a vacuum technology pioneer in early 2015.

Atlas Copco has recently introduced a new range of vacuum solutions that meet the specific needs vacuum in many common vacuum applications in most industrial sectors.

In addition to new sealed rotary vane pumps with two-stage oil, Atlas Copco also introduced a new range of boosters, piston pumps, liquid ring pumps and steam ejectors. This new range is ideal for industries of mining, cement, paper, refineries and power and other industries as diverse as aerospace, automotive, refrigeration, the glass manufacturing, bottling, canning and timber.

GHS VSD+, which is a major step forward in the sector: In early 2015 a new concept of vacuum pump, innovative and intelligent will be presented.

GHS VSD+ series is a new range of smart vacuum and high efficiency thanks to its variable speed drive (VSD). Inspired by the prestigious and durable design "plug & play" Atlas Copco compressors, these vacuum equipment have been developed by Atlas Copco engineers specialized in vacuum to offer the best performance of any of the pressures of work typically found in industrial applications.



2015-02: American Tapes tesa® solutions for everyday challenges

Check the range of American films and use the one that best fits your requirements:

Download tab Tapes American tesa


2014-11: No more having to change the battery of tools

This is the future: induction charging, the world premiere of Bosch.

Only system in the world composed of an induction charger and a special battery:

    • Simply battery tool support during work breaks to load:
      with a single tool battery is always ready
    • Save time, space and weight: not a second battery is needed
    • Durable: short loading processes not subject the battery to stress (gentle charging)


2014-11: "El Hormiguero" tv program lifts a car with tesa® double-sided tape

Pablo Motos and "black man" defy gravity by lifting a car held by strips of tape double sided tesa®.

You can see it here.


2014-10: Atlas Copco wins the award for Best Technical Support

Atlas Copco, a leading global provider of productivity solutions responsible, has won the prestigious award issued by the company Frost & Sullivan Europe Company of the Year 2014 for his successful bid for service for compressors

Frost & Sullivan, a leading consulting services company, said the success of Atlas Copco is based largely on their service offering broad coverage. The more than 4000 technicians compressors ensure a global presence and help Atlas Copco maintains a close relationship with its customers, commented from Frost & Sullivan.

"For years we have worked hard to create a professional network of service operations to service our customers and allow them to focus on their business," said Nico Delvaux, Area President Compressor Technical Service. "We are delighted that our work is recognized by this prestigious consulting firm."

An example of advanced service compressor is SmartLink. This tool, launched in 2013, allows Atlas Copco to perform remote measurements of the performance of compressors and know exactly when they need an intervention, giving customers peace of mind.

The official awards ceremony will take place in Monaco on 30 October.

Atlas Copco premio al mejor servicio tecnico


2014-10: Filters Chemicals Gases

In industries such as Paper, Mining, Smelting, Chemical, Data Centers, Laboratories, Fertilizers, Hospitals, Museums, are being used in offices, control rooms, production rooms, etc., where there is forced ventilation or air conditioning mechanical, as outside air is taken and placed in these rooms, increasing the concentration of gases at levels that may become hazardous to the health of the people working within them, due to the time that are exposed. In machines and control systems produce different types of corrosion that can occur from a printed circuit to electrical connections, etc., usually causing failure. In museums cause deterioration of important works of art.

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2014-09: New offers BAHCO tools. Offers in the general catalog and special automotive workshop. DISCOVER THEM!

Saws, Keys, Lathes, Ratchets, Wrenches, Extractors, Torque, Pliers, Screwdrivers, Measurement, Car Tools, Presses, Cranes, etc...

Offer valid until end of 2014. Do not wait for final!

     Download Deals General Bahco:

     Download Automotive Special Offers Bahco:


2014-05: A new class of adhesive tapes tesa double layer for structural joints

tesa® ACXplus provides a particularly high power of fixing materials with different surface properties

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2014-05: ATLAS COPCO - BIEMH 2014

Atlas Copco will participate in the 28th edition of the Biennale exhibition in Bilbao, from day 2 to June 7, 2014


During the first week of next June will be held in Bilbao Spanish Biennial Machine Tools Fair ( BIEMH ) , under the slogan " THINK BIG , THINK BIEMH " will bring together over 1,000 exhibitors from around the world.

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Atlas Copco, a leading provider of solutions for sustainable productivity, has returned to get recognition from Ethisphere Institute as one of the most ethical companies in the world. Presented at the Global Ethics Summit in New York, the list includes companies that demonstrate leadership in areas such as ethics, corporate responsibility, sustainability and governance.

For Atlas Copco, ethics is the foundation of how to develop their activities. This is manifested in many areas, such as zero tolerance towards corruption Group. In its fight against corruption, Atlas Copco employs policies, procedures, training and monitoring.

Another area where ethics plays a key role are shopping. To promote ethics and human rights, the suppliers are evaluated on safety, health, the environment and other ethical issues.

"Constantly train our employees to act ethically and develop sustainable business and long-term vision," says Håkan Osvald, senior vice president of legal affairs of Atlas Copco. "We are convinced that it is the right thing to do and also is good for our business."

Atlas Copco is a signatory of the Global Compact of the United Nations, a policy initiative for businesses committed to aligning their operations and strategies with ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labor practices, environment and anti-corruption.

For more information on the Ethisphere Institute, visit www.ethisphere.com.


2013-11: ATLAS COPCO PARTICIPATE IN THE " Great Green Wall"

Atlas Copco has decided to participate in a special project, the "Great Green Wall" (http://vimeo.com/user5213989/greatgreenwall) WeForest project organization (www.weforest.org).

This ambitious project aims to gain ground on the nature and repopulate a forest that will tour Africa from east to west. This not only gain ground in the desert, a sustainable local economy in addition to assist the development of farmers, ranchers and their families will be promoted.

And how is going to do...?

For every kilowatt that sells a VSD compressor, will donate a tree to the project. So with the sale of a GA 90 VSD will donate a total of 90 trees. But that's not all, if further accompanied by an Energy Recovery, will increase this amount to 10 trees more!!.

But there's more, because in the case of the new VSD + ...... bend QUANTITY, DONATING TWO TREES FOR EACH SOLD kilowatt!. So with the sale of a GA 11 VSD + donated a total of 22 trees.

All compressors are supplied to the end of the campaign take a sticker on the front that identifies the project in which it participates.

All customers who purchase a VSD compressor Atlas Copco during the campaign will deliver a diploma, which ensure that it has contributed to the planting of a certain number of trees within the project in Burkina Faso.



Documents Declarations of Conformity (DoC) food conveyors HABASIT, now available on- line!

     View DoC at Habasit:



Get energy efficiencies of 50%, increasing the air flow no more and no less than up to 12 % and reducing the size of their equipment by 55 %!



Protect identifying their equipment quickly and safely.

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Atlas Copco bases its