Antigua Plaza Porlier en Oviedo en 1970

    The company was founded by german mechanical engineer Mr. F. Römer Schnidt as an individual company in 1929. His birth was somewhat accidental, since it began as an importer of industrial materials and machine tools to meet individual demands for popular teams and companies with which he was associated for professional reasons, using his expertise and his personal and business contacts in Industrial metal equipment manufacturer countries, especially in Belgium, Germany, Austria and the UK.

Antiguo cartel de ROMER en la Plaza de Porlier de OviedoOf the orders timely step to opening a permanent business establishment at No. 7 Porlier Square in Oviedo, where he became one of the most important institutions in the field of industrial supplies for the metalworking industry. His successors continued the activity and became limited incorporated company in 1982.

Suministros Romer at Oviedo

    D. Nicolas Laiz and other shareholders bought and revived the business in 1991 with the remodeling of the warehouse in Porlier, opening other stores and finally the opening of new facilities at Viella in 1999.

Plaza Porlier con Romer a la derecha y la Catedral al fondo en 1998

    Currently specializes in the direct factory sales of machinery and consumables for industry and professionals. Exporting mainly to European and American markets.Detalle fachada Romer en Viella

    In Suministros Römer you'll find a wide variety of products, such as, Abrasives, Clamps, absorbents, Oils, Adhesives, Anchors, Conveyor Belts, Water Pumps, Vacuum Pumps, Drills, Bronzes, steel cables, Cardboard for gaskets, trucks, Ribbons adhesive, Compressors, Belts, Blades, degreasing, Discs, Electrodes, Elevation, Packaging: Tape / Corners / bubble / paper / strips / plastic pipe, Gaskets, Slings, Extractors, strapping, industrial air filtration, hand tools / power / pneumatic, Cleaning: Coton / Rags / Paper / Soap, Lubricants, Male, Hose, Hoses, Gauges, Measurement, motors, wheels, metal furniture, Pneumatics, Nylon, rubber plates, hoists, labor protection, Fittings, Rivets, Seals, bearings, Wheels, Signs, saws, welding, clamping, Transmission, Pipes, Valves, Wall and a host of materials.

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