Air tanks type Atlas Copco "FIC"

Depósitos de aire pintados


Vertical or horizontal tanks of carbon steel FIC Atlas Copco meet all the technical requirements for the storage of compressed air, produced by one or more compressors.

The complete treatment of the outer surface with primer gray RAL 7010 finish ensures good protection against external aggressions.

This vessel has been designed and built to meet the current directive on pressure vessels, and are supplied with corresponding certificates. This deposit has flanged inlet / outlet and withstands pressures up to 21 Bar

In order to protect the tank against accidental water ingress during storage, all inlet / outlet are sealed. The support points are provided with holes to facilitate anchoring to the ground by bolts and lifting eye facilitates handling of deposits.

These deposits include a purge electronic serial capacitive high quality EWD50A to install on the bottom of the container. These purges do not require the intervention of an operator to cause drainage, guaranteeing all emptying condensate without loss of compressed air cause high economic cost. Its special technology, EWD purges really exists only operate when presence of water inside the tank. Additionally, is included an alarm signal a potential free contact.

Scope of Supply:

  •     Carbon steel tank constructed according to PED and AD MERKBLATTER.
  •     Safety valve.
  •     Gauge field.
  •     Ball valve for isolation of the drainage system.
  •     Purge EWD50A with capacitive electronic alarm and contact potential free relay.
  •     Manhole for inspection.
  •     Finished with gray primer paint RAL 7010 Atlas Copco.
  •     Documentation.



See more information at Atlas Copco website.

Air tanks type Atlas Copco "FIC"

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