Air Tanks Galvanized

Depositos galvanizados

Air Tanks Galvanized ATLAS COPCO "LV" and "LH"

Vertical or horizontal tanks LV and LH galvanized Atlas Copco meet all technical and quality requirements necessary for the storage of compressed air produced by one or more compressors, while allowing its installation in locations where space height could be limited.

The hot dip galvanizing process they undergo both externally and internally (70 microns minimum) ensures that over time the sheet thicknesses are maintained, as this is an effective corrosion. Most of the tanks currently in service are painted outside only so in a short period of time deteriorate, inwardly by the moisture contained in the compressed air and condensate that occurs when your temperature down, sometimes very aggressive, and in contact with the reservoir produces oxidation and subsequent weakening of the material. Corrosion facilitates the release of large amounts of particulate pollutants (rust and scale) that are entrained in the compressed air system, causing it to not meet the minimum quality required for the purpose for which it is intended, eventually causing bad quality and finish of the product or process air leaks very high energy costs, increased wear on moving parts of machines and tools, obstructions, and consequently higher maintenance costs.

LV and LH containers are designed and built to meet the current directive on pressure vessels, and supplied with its certificate.

They are available from 8-21 Bar

These deposits have threaded connections.

In order to protect the tank against accidental water ingress during storage, all inlet / outlet are sealed by removable plastic plugs must be removed once installed in its final location.

The support points are provided with holes to facilitate anchoring to the ground by bolts and some eyebolts facilitate handling of deposits.

Scope of Supply:

  •         Exterior and interior finish hot dip galvanized.
  •         Safety valve.
  •         Gauge field.
  •         Pit man record.
  •         2 caps.
  •         Valve for manual drain condensate.
  •         Optionally, purge recommend EWD.
  •         Lifting lugs to facilitate handling.
  •         Documentation



See more information at Atlas Copco website.

Air Tanks Galvanized

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