Treatment of oiled water


For very efficient as the process inevitably produces a compressor more than compressed air. One of the byproducts is a large volume of condensate, usually a combination of emulsified oil and water which is a serious environmental risk. Just trying this condensate in the right way we can ensure that no harm to nature. Our clean and cost effective solution. If the condensate is treated properly, there is no need to worry.
Gama de separadores de condensado de Atlas Copco.
Atlas Atlas Copco range condensate separator efficiently separates oil from water. It can drain water and remove oil harmless organically. Based on our years of experience in air treatment products, we recommend only the right equipment for installation.

The exclusive "OSD" offers a suite of fully integrated condensate treatment in the compressor, reducing both installation costs and complexity.

The clean water is discharged from the drain valves of the compressor, while the separated oil is collected in a container generously dimensioned.



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Treatment of oiled water

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