Screw Compressors

Constructed to compress gas in a continuous and silent way.



Screw Compressors

Oil injected rotary 3 to 125HP

At the heart of your business, Atlas Copco delivers quality compressed air unmatched.

From the point of compressed air generation to point of use, you can choose from our wide range of products to create a complete compressed air system tailored to your needs. All Atlas Copco products are designed to integrate seamlessly, ensuring the highest level of reliability and energy efficiency. As a result, Atlas Copco can take full responsibility for your compressed air infrastructure with a guarantee of quality.

With presence in more than 150 countries, Atlas Copco can provide a unique global service to maintain and continually improve your compressed air system. Backed by 100 years at the forefront of compressed air, Atlas Copco products offer the best quality and efficiency.

We aim to be the first choice. For this reason, Atlas Copco never ceases to find new forms of innovation, driven by his desire to meet and exceed customer expectations. Always working with you, we are committed to providing customized air solution that is the driving force behind your business. Integrated production in its space, the GA WorkPlace Air System ™ Atlas Copco provides reliable compressed air flow directly to the point of use. No need for a compressor room or an elaborate and costly piping system.

Built to operate in harsh environments with higher performance, the GA maintains its production running smoothly.

RELIABILITY GUARANTEED: The GA is designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 1217, Ed 3, Annex C. With the guarantee of a long life and smooth with minimal operating costs, the GA incorporates the latest generation of injected screw element of Atlas Copco's patented oil. Designed to run smoothly even in extreme ambient temperature conditions, the GA takes reliability to a new level.

REDUCING ENERGY COSTS: The cost of compressed air can represent over 40% of the total electrical costs. Atlas Copco helps you save. Our GA VSDs (Variable Speed Drive) can reduce energy costs UP TO 60% and life cycle costs of the compressor by an average of 22% by adapting the capacity of the unit to the air demand. The resulting energy savings have a significant environmental impact, reflecting Atlas Copco's dedication to preserving the natural environment for future generations.

AIR SYSTEM INTEGRATION: The "GA WorkPlace Air System" can be placed where you need it: the point of use. Its low noise operation and integrated team of air treatment eliminated the need for a separate compressor room - reducing piping costs and pressure drop sistema.

GA VSDs compressors are delivered ready to run, so installation costs are minimized. Energy can represent over 70% of the lifecycle costs of a compressor. Generating compressed air can account for more than 40% of the total electricity bill of a plant. Most production environments have a fluctuating air demand depending on the time of day, week or even months. Powered VSD (variable speed drive) and the last VSDs of Atlas Copco, air demand fluctuations are no longer synonymous with high energy costs.

"GA FLEX" Dual Speed Screw Compressors 4-13 Bar

With the GA FLX, Atlas Copco offers you a completely new type of compressor: a dual-speed screw compressor. The GA FLX has been developed and manufactured to offer you double-digit energy savings, something that a fixed speed compressor is not capable of offering; In addition to this, it offers flexibility when adjusting the pressure and an optimal flow rate at any pressure.

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