VILEDON PSB G2 to G4 - Filter Mats

Quality air filtration.



VILEDON PSB Filter Mats from G2 to G4 (EN 779 Norm)

from ISO coarse 30% to 60% (Norm ISO 16890)



PSB/145 S. G2 - ISO coarse 30%

PSB/275 S. G3 - ISO coarse 45%

PSB/290 S. G4 - ISO coarse 60%

The media and it's characteristics:

PSB nonwoven mats are high performance self-made from thermally bonded polyester fibers.

PSB/275 type mats PSB/290 S and S are progressive structure with layers of fibers of different diameters arranged one after another, so that the density of the layers is greater at the clean air side, thereby achieving optimized capacity dust and prolonging the lifetime of the filter.

Burning behavior: Viledon filter mats meet the requirements of class F1 according to DIN 53438 and are self-extinguishing.

Quality certificate. PSB filter mats have been tested fairly (by type) according to EN 779 before and ISO 16890 actually. This provides users with the full assurance that they are purchasing a high quality product, with a strong brand, type, class (and brand according to DIN validated model number) printed on the side of the air clean the filter blanket.

Order it in rolls of 1m or 2m (see other heights or pieces cut to size, depending quantity).

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