HEPA and ULPA Filters

From H10 to H14

From U15 to U17




EPA, HEPA and ULPA Filters

From E11 (ISO 15 E) to E12 (ISO 25 E)

From H13 (ISO 35 H / ISO 40 H) to H14 (ISO 45 H / ISO 50 U)

From U15 (ISO 55 U / ISO 60 U) to U17 (ISO 75 U)

Viledon filters High Efficiency Particulate (HEPA) class are used for inlet air filtration and circulation in cleanrooms and clean workbenches (laminar flow chambers) that require very stringent levels of purity and cleanliness and sterility of air, as:

* Hospitals / medical institutes, pharmacies, clean rooms, laboratories, research centers, etc..

* Highly sensitive industrial processes (pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, chemistry, optics, food / beverage, microelectronics, etc..)

* In ceiling outlets and modules for flexible cleanroom systems.

Features and Benefits:

Glass microfiber paper high efficiency as a filter medium.

Technique ensures mini-pleat geometry and equidistance of the folds optimal air flow, allowing air passage homogeneous very low differential pressure. This system is extremely economical and reliable, obtaining a clean air flow nearly laminar.

Through our art scanner, each filter element is individually certified after undergoing control efficiency and integrity according to EN 1822.

The frame is anodized extruded aluminum. This solid construction is moisture resistant and provides maximum security against the occurrence of bacteria and mold.

Easy to install and operate, thanks to a high torsional stiffness, lightness and a continuous seal and homogeneous foamed polyurethane.

The filter elements have protective screens of metal mesh powder paint coating on both sides.

Optional: half a mill on the clean air side.

Air filters class E10-H10, E11-H11(ISO 15 E), E12-H12(ISO 25 E), H13(ISO 35H / ISO 40 H), H14 (ISO 45 H / ISO 50 U)

Also available in class
ULPA U15 (ISO 55 U / ISO 60 U) – U17 (ISO 75 U), and gel seal for 100% efficiency.

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