Instant Fittings

Fittings for compressed air connection instantly.





Legris Invented and marketed by more than 30 years, the fittings LF 3000, became a new wiring system worldwide.

With a reliable technique and widely experienced, allow an immediate instant connection and disconnection by hand and without tools.

To meet market demands, Legris has been doing the continuously evolve, providing them with all possible technical improvements: set of performance optimization, miniaturization, aesthetics, etc..

To adapt fully to a myriad of applications, the system LF 3000, is presented in 3 ranges:

A) range in mm pipe, cylindrical BSP, BSP and metric taper.

B) pipe range in inches, tapered BSP threads.

C) range in inch pipe, NPT.

Today, representing many thousands of millions of connections worldwide operation. Suitable for any pneumatic system, LF 3000 fittings are an indispensable component in all industries.


1) Full bore: the securing of the tube is made by the outside, without any restriction on the cross-section.

2) automatic sealing: thanks to the O-ring inside the fitting, in static and dynamic optimized guiding tube.

3) ease of connection, thanks to the optimization technique nip.


* Of the cylindrical fittings, thanks to the O-ring housed in a groove, without risk of displacement during tightening.

* The conical fittings, thanks to the precoating of the threads.

LIGHTWEIGHT: perfectly adapted to the productivity benefits of mobile sets.


* Immediate connection and disconnection by hand without tools.

* Button - push differentiation circuits available in 5 colors to help identify them.


* A solution for every application: large number of models with multiple configurations, from Ø 3 mm to Ø14 mm.

* Three types of thread: BSP cylindrical, conical BSP, metric.

* Special fittings on demand.

COMPACT AND COLORS: optimized size and redesigned outer forms to achieve maximum ergonomics and aesthetics in the facility.

NYLON TUBING PIPE SIZING: The design of instant fittings LF 3000, allows connection to various proposed technical Legris tubes.

Main advantages of Legris nylon tubing fittings LF 3000:

1) wide range of temperatures and pressures of use.

2) very low loss.

3) constant rigidity, good aging.

4) good absorption of the vibrations.

5) excellent abrasion resistance.

6) seven colors for easy identification of circuits.

7) from Ø ext. 3 to 14 mm.

FLEXIBLE POLYURETHANE TUBING SIZING: Main advantages of Legris polyurethane tubing with fittings LF 3000:

1) high flexibility and small bending radii.

2) range of temperatures and pressures of use.

3) very low pressure losses.

4) constant rigidity, good aging.

5) good vibration absorption.

6) seven colors for easy identification of circuits.

7) from Ø ext. 3 to 14 mm.

8) two ranges: polyurethane and polyester.