Weatherstrip adhesive tapes

Protection against cold, drafts, dust and noise tesamoll ®




Weatherstrip adhesive tapes

Insulate cold, heat, dust and noise allow us to save up to 40% energy and scale down our energy bills.

tesa ® range Moll ®: energy savings makes the difference. Each household spends about € 1,600 a year in heating costs, hot water and air conditioning.

There are many tricks to save energy, but not all can be put into practice as quickly and with few economic resources and the range of weatherstripping Moll ® tesa ® offering both insulation and insulating bars profiles for low doors.

The great leader of the insulating gaskets category Moll ® tesa ® continues to innovate and is responsible to offer their end consumers a great alternative to expensive energy costs. Insulate doors and windows from the cold, heat, dust and noise will not only protect the environment, but also guarantees up to 40% energy savings with the higher quality product tesamoll transparent silicone "SUPER-FLEX" that fits any mismatch .

With the range tesamoll Classic rubber energy can be saved at least 20% up to 40% for larger mismatches energy bills and reduce accordingly.


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