Double sided tapes

Double-sided adhesive tapes.





The TESAFIX double sided tape for mounting, the two sides joined by all kinds of surfaces

According to the reference, the double-sided adhesive tapes TESAFIX 4900/4932/4650/4952/4957/4959/4964/4965/4970/4976/51570/51919/64621 ... are more or less thick, more or less "tack" (initial adhesion), more or less support material, etc.., to suit the needs of each use.

Existing in various widths and double-sided transparent metrajes.

Cintas de doble cara transparentes
In more and more operations, screws, pins, bolts, nails and other fasteners are falling obsolete. Tesa adhesive tapes are double sided but a simple and economical alternative: the tape is easy to apply, reducing operator time and almost invisible compared to other types of bonding or attaching.

Tesa tapes are the answer to the various problems of unity in industry and commerce and can supplied in many different combinations of thickness, type of adhesive and adhesive force, covering all areas of application.

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