VILEDON P15 G2 to G4 Filter Mats

Reusable air filters.


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VILEDON P15 G2 to G4 Filter Mats


P15/150 S. G2

P15/350 S. G3

P15/500 S. G4

All P15 filter mats are heavy duty and high performance, suitable for all kinds of filtration in ventilation systems and air conditioning. Filter mats type P15/500 S is also used for its high quality as a prefilter in paint booths.

Media and their characteristics:

P15 blankets are nonwovens high performance self-made from thermally bonded polypropylene fibers .
Types P15/500 and P15/350 S filter mats are progressive structure with layers of fibers of different diameters arranged one behind the other, so that the density of the layers is greater at the side of clean air, thereby achieving its ability to optimize dust and extending the useful life of the filter.

Burning behavior: Viledon filter mats meet the requirements of class F1 according to DIN 53438 and are self-extinguishing.

Quality certificate. P15 filter mats were tested impartially by type according to EN 779. This gives users total confidence that they are purchasing a high quality product, with a strong brand, type, class and DIN mark of conformity with the validated model number printed on the side of clean air the filter blanket.

Special features of the P15 filter mats.
High degree of separation and dust throughout their lifetime.
High resistance of materials, offering optimum dimensional stability even in installations with large volumes of air, ensuring effective performance of the filtering system.
Through the use of polypropylene fibers, the P15 filter mats are particularly resistant to chemicals such as solvents, acids and alkalis.
P15 filter mats can be regenerated using various methods of cleaning, such as washing, compressed air or shake them, even after washing, the blankets are stable, retaining its properties unchanged filtration also leaving unchanged their behavior to flame.  P15 blankets are eco filters, suitable for users interested in reducing waste.

Order it in rolls of 1m or 2m (see other heights) or cut to size plates.


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