Packaging tapes

tesa® packaging tapes. 

Whether light or heavy boxes of short-distance transport by rail or sea long to respond reliably to the demands made closing cartons, tesa ® has developed a range of packaging tapes tesa ® able to ensure an excellent level of security of shipments, regardless of the means of transport used.

tesa ® packaging tapes are available in different types, with support for PP, PVC and paper. tesa ® provides support to its clients in the process of choosing the best option to your packaging needs.

tesa ® packaging tapes are suitable for both manual and mechanical manipulation. For manual application, tesa ® offers special dispensers that allow efficient and reliable packaging. They were developed in close collaboration with users so that their use is perfectly ergonomic.

Tesa ® inner For shipments containing, for example, food products (such as candy), industrial components very small or individual pieces, tesa has developed special solutions designed for sealing small packages, jars and bags. These tapes are available in various widths and colors, and can be removed without leaving any residue: a simple, safe and sanitary.

Tesa ® packaging tapes Different types of support material and adhesive for optimal application depending on conditions and usage. Quality Assurance.


tesa ® 4120 PVC backing and natural rubber adhesive. For sealing heavy boxes, to hold and to temporarily protect surfaces - smooth and quiet Unwinding - Excellent adaptability - very high adhesive strength - Shock resistance, punching and rubbing

tesa ® 4024 Polyolefin Ecological support and special water-based acrylic adhesive with high tack. For sealing of lightweight objects-between - Good adhesion due to its high tack - Resistant to the passage of time - Unwinding silent - Solvent free

tesa ® 4089 polypropylene and natural rubber adhesive solvent. For manual and automatic sealing boxes and light middleweight. - Good adhesion on cardboard - Cost

Tesa ® products prove their impressive quality day in demanding conditions and are regularly subjected to strict controls, which ensures stable product quality and warranty in the footage. If you have any doubt, our technical support staff will be happy to advise you.

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Packaging tapes

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